Dear Mr. Will Power,

Please come back. I realize I have done something to offend you and have forced you to go on an extended leave… but seriously, it is time to let by gones be by gones and have you back in my life. I am not sure what was the straw to break the camel’s back but I have narrowed it down to one of these three things:

1. I started celebrating Christmas in November – and all that comes with it including chocolates, cookies, pies and tarts. And in the case of celebrating at my dad’s, wine and pizza. I heard you there. Telling me that maybe I shouldn’t have that second pecan tart. And I CERTAINLY shouldn’t take home a container of them. That was my fault… I chose not to listen.

2. While in Vegas for 24 hours I ate enough calories for a person my size to be sustained for … oh lets say… 4 days. But you were already fading by then… a figment of your former self. Only a whisper on the warm Las Vegas wind saying ‘You probably can’t physically put anymore into your body so why not stop here’. However, I don’t think that old, strong will power would have let it get to that point.

3. My crazy schedule which included said Christmas celebration, trip to Las Vegas in addition to selling our house, packing/moving, staring new jobs and attending too many extracurricular activities over the past two months. That’s right… two. This may have left you feeling neglected. Shoved aside in the name of time, ease and the fact I could not find my plates, cutlery or anything to cook with for a couple of days. You had abandoned me by now. Letting me make my own horrible, horrible food decisions with only the help of a take out menu and a cell phone.

Well I  tell you what Will Power. I want you back. You complete me. You had me at ‘my pants are starting to get a little snug’. I have already patched things up with my old pal – the gym. So why not you too? I have changed. I swear. This was just a slip into poor eating habits – it will never happen again. Those high calorie, high sugar meals/snacks/drinks meant nothing to me! It’s you baby. It’s always been you.

Please. I don’t think I will make it through the holidays on my own.

All my love,


Cookies… you will be my downfall. Photo Credit: Flickr User Splityarn