I swear I have heard this before. But I guess it has a new twist to it. Experts are warning us about the dangers of eating raw cookie dough. But not just the kind you make yourself, also the prepackaged kind which I am assuming also includes the kind found in ice cream. Though the article in the CBC doesn’t specify. By the way – here is that article for your reading pleasure.

I gotta say. I don’t care. I am not going to stop eating it. True, I am not the kind to eat a tub of it. But I will ALWAYS have some while baking cookies. I call it quality control. Hubs calls it being impatient. Either way I do not believe that eating a piece of it every now and then is really going to do any harm.

I’m in!

The article suggests that it is most likely the flour that is the culprit since the rest of the ingredients are put through a ‘kill step’ to get rid of bacteria. Is this anything like when they bleach raw meat because of e.coli?

Don’t you think the issue is not raw cookie dough, but how is our food production system so messed up that it is making us ill? Our methods of producing food are so messed up that we are getting sick from items we were once OK to eat. Every other week there is some food out there that is going to make us sick, is being recalled or is giving us cancer. Instead of telling us to stop eating something, how about finding solutions to why stuff like this is happening and how we can make it stop.

I will continue to eat a piece of cookie dough every now and then. I realize it could make me sick, but so could just about everything eventually. And really, how else is my body going to learn to fight off the baddies if I don’t give it some practice every now and then.



Last night I made lemon meringue cookies. I ended up eating about 2 spoonfuls of raw egg white with sugar and lemon extract. I feel totally fine but someone should probably put a hazmat team on stand by just to be sure.