I came across a video recently of Jacques Pépin talking about the top 5 artists he listens to while cooking. One art influencing another so to speak. That got me to thinking – what do I listen to while cooking. My list differs greatly than Chef Pépin. Let’s compare shall we.

Listens to real music in the kitchen. I on the other hand prefer an eclectic pile of noises.

The Top 5 Things Jodi Listens to While Cooking

5. Dog and cat play fighting. Like brothers with a definitive love/hate relationship… these two play fight like nobody’s business. The only thing better than listening to their hisses, growls and tumbles is when they get too close to my leg and try to involve me in the fun. Kitty nails and puppy teeth are not soft.

4. Hubs and the kid doing homework. In French. I like to tell myself that when they are going over the 4th grade questions and math problems that the reason I don’t follow along is because I do not speak French. That keeps my ego in tact better than if I were to admit that I would be lost in the 4th grade math, grammar and spelling even if it were in English. *choked back sob*

3. Bleeps, chirps, chimes and rings from my smart phone and netbook. This is the future and while cooking has always been a social outlet, now there is no need to limit your socializing to those physically in your kitchen. Skyping, tweeting and talking on the phone are all over used in my kitchen.

2.  Radio or Television. I prefer to listen to the TV. Usually it is on Food Network, HGTV or some mind numbing MTV trash like ‘Teen Mom’ or some crap. I don’t know why but I have always like that for back ground noise. Plus it keeps me up to date on who Bobby Flay is challenging to a throw down, which of the 3 houses were picked on House Hunters and what Janelle and her mom are fighting about this week.

Hubs on the other hand prefers music so when he is on the same level of the house as me, it is usually something with melody. And I got to say – I burn things less with music on because I am not rushing into the living room to see the end of Love it or List it.

1. Silence. I don’t mind when it is quiet and often times I am too lazy to turn anything on.

Chef Pèpin is a bit different. For one. He listens to music in place of an animal battle royale. To each their own. Here is Chef’s list of the top 5 artists he listens to while cooking.