This has been a wonderful year for food! So many amazing meals eaten – here are my top 5 that I had in Ottawa this year… in no particular order! That’s a lie… they are most likely in the order I came across them while reading through my own blog… maybe… perhaps.

1. Atelier – this was just a 4 course sampling of the 12 courses offered at the restaurant in the evenings, but I am sold. Creativity, artistic plating and exciting cooking techniques result in a meal I wont soon forget and long to eat again as soon as possible.

2. Le Cafe – this meal scored on all fronts: wonderful service, exceptional location/view/decor, fantastic price, topped only by mind blowing food. It doesn’t get better than this.

3. Le Saint O – what can I say? This restaurant is one of Ottawa’s hidden treasures. The food is second to none, prices can’t be beat and some of the nicest staff I have ever met. Decor could use a little updating, but that’s what makes it a diamond in the rough! Wonderful restaurant I strongly recommend everyone in Ottawa visit.

4. Empire Grill – this high end steak house delivers some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. I had this wonderful meal at the start of the year when Chef Robin Bowen was still at the helm. Since then they have changed chefs, but I am sure that they are still delivering some of the most wonderful food in the city.

5. Town – it was crowded the night I visited Town on Elgin street and after trying the food I know why. Socks were knocked off… never to be recovered. An utterly wonderful meal.

I’d like to throw a few honorable mentions to Oz Kafe, Signatures, Perspectives at Brookstreet Hotel and Sidedoor. I’ve been lucky to have so much wonderful food in my life this year. Cheers to 2012!