I think it has been well established that I’m “action impaired” … ok a touch lazy. So you know if I’m willing to venture to the opposite end of the city, in an ice storm no less, I’m going for a good reason. And that reason is always amazing, or the possibility of amazing, food. Perspectives at Brookstreet did not disappoint.

I knew I was in for a treat. I’ve sampled Chef Clifford Lyness’ award-winning culinary creations on numerous occasions so it was the reason we didn’t want to cancel our much anticipated reservation even when the weather didn’t co-operate. Luckily the roads were well cared for thanks to our snow plows and salt trucks, so the only obstacle (as always) was myself, and getting from the car to the restaurant in one piece. What can I say… I’m accident prone.

Sometimes it’s nice to put on your fancy pants.

Against all odds, I arrived in one piece for one of the best meals of the year. This was actually a Christmas gift with hubby to each other. Let’s start with the restaurant itself – gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. It’s so classy and elegant. Definitely the kind of place you want to dress sharply for. Of course this doesn’t mean ball gown and sequins, but nice.

The service was attentive, knowledgable and kind. It helps that because of the weather they weren’t overly busy, but I could tell that the servers were pros and that no matter the circumstances of your visit, you are going to get amazing service. My favorite discovery upon arriving – the wine list is on a tablet! It lets you search by price, region and type of beverage. So cool.

I’m a bit behind on my tech… it takes very little to amaze me. Wow – is that a phone without a cord?!?!

Another great thing about Perspectives Restaurant – great value. Build your own 3 course price fixe menu for $45. 4 courses for $50! Some of the pricier entrees have additional cost, but that is the base price. Honestly I didn’t need 3 courses. After my first course, the charcuterie platter – I was on the verge of saying I was full. But I’m greedy… and I had come all that way… and I had to get ready for the holiday eating (so I had to train my stomach to hold more)… and other excuses… so I pressed on.

This would have been enough… if I were a person who ate normal sized portions

Next came my amazing Arctic Black Cod. For some reason it’s been a while since I’ve made seafood for myself so this was a real treat. So tasty and perfectly cooked. It came with fried cod fritters that were awesome! Having the cod two ways allowed me to go from one to the other and appreciate the flavours that the different cooking methods brought to the ingredients.

Ok… I REALLY should stop here. Oh is that the dessert menu?

Though I should have stopped one whole plate of food ago, I kept eating. But really, who could say no to the temptation of Maple Creme Brule?? Seriously. You would have to be made of stone. And though I was stuffed, the dessert was the perfect ending to a wonderful meal.

Yes… it was as tasty as it looks.

This is a 5 out of 5 star meal and totally worth the drive! I can’t wait to go again.