Tim Hortons announced yesterday that they are renaming their sizes to accommodate an even LARGER extra large. That’s right… they didn’t want to make you feel bad by calling the new 24oz extra large cup the ‘extra EXTRA large’ size, so they just shifted everything down. Don’t worry kids, you can still get your medium… it’s just called a small now, and small has been bumped to the extra small.

In a world where childhood obesity is on the rise, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is tipping the scales at 330lbs, Southern Cooking Queen Paula Deen has diabetes, while women who are size 6 to 12 are considered plus sized models  and people are starving themselves through crazy fad diets to be thin – doesn’t it make you want to throw up your hands and call this whole world crazy?

There has been a lot of talk about how the quality of our food contributes to the obesity rate of our society – but I would like to point out another side to the coin: serving size. Yes, eating nothing but highly processed food swimming in salt, fat and sugar will help your arse to grow faster than the wolfman’s hair after a Rogaine bath. But I question the need for the amount of food that we are shoveling into our faces.

Trust me… that’s fast.

The other night while on the search for Ottawa’s best taco I visited Lonestar and ordered their 3 taco meal (my only option for tacos). It was served to me on a platter. And I know this isn’t uncommon! Seriously? A platter? Do people remember when platters were used for serving family style meals? As in, intended for multiple people to pass around the table, take SOME and pass it along. Not for one person to eat by themselves.

We have literally trained our stomachs to hold more food than we need at each and every meal. Consuming more calories on a daily basis than ever before. Before we ate off platters, we ate off plates. And before plates were piled right to the rim as they often are now, the plate had a decorative rim and the actual space of a plate that was used for food was half of what it is now! Before mugs were the bottomless, monstrous things … they held 8 oz. A serving.

When it comes to counting calories, serving sizes haven’t changed. Eating more is just that, eating more. So now when you have your 24 oz extra large coffee at Timmies, you are actually having 3 servings of coffee – but dollars to doughnuts you are counting it as one.