** Just a note that this is again a sponsored post… but one in which you could win a $50 prepaid VISA card. Worth a read I should think.

Here is a link to post 1 for anyone who needs to catch up. Go ahead… I’ll wait here.

Back? Good.

Well somehow I survived 5 days where I had to spend $50 a day on my VISA card. Kidding of course. It’s amazing how those little purchases add up. One night it was dinner, another day it was lunch out. One day I picked up some odds and ends on errands and before I knew it I was hitting my $50 limit each day.

So now for the math… my average everyday purchases came to $45 (then with tax got me to the $50). For every dollar you spend before tax on your VISA rewards card you earnΒ 1 point. That means, everyday I was raking up… um… geeze… carry the one… 45 points! That means that in just 5 days I had a total of 225 points!

As you recall my foodie goal was a trip to Halifax. Ballpark points needed for a flight from Ottawa to Halifax are 1475 so I’m well on my way! At the rate I was going I would have a flight in 33 days. Yeah.. 33! Amazing right.

Now it’s time for you to get your VISA reward.

Just comment on this post and tell me what you would save your VISA rewards for. I’ll randomly pick a winner on Friday at noon. The only catch – you have to live in Canada.