I just finished washing my sweaty palms after a phone interview with Lynn Crawford. I’ve got to tell you folks, she is just as nice on the phone as she appears to be on TV. Not only did she laugh nervously at my attempts at humour, but she answered what is sure to be some of the odder questions she will be asked today.

Why yes, I do imagine Chef Crawford called me on a teal blue rotary phone with too many numbers on it. Thankyouverymuch.

Our conversation went something like this:

(Simply Fresh) Hello. *secretly screaming inside because I know who is on the other end of the phone but I’m trying to play it cool*

(Chef Lynn Crawford) Hi Jodi – It’s Lynn Crawford.

Holy crap on a cracker! Lynn Crawford… on my phone!

What? Oh – ha! Yes. How are you?

(Pleasantries are discussed while I try to calm down and get to the questions… this takes about 4 minutes. I was pretty wound up.)

So you are coming to Ottawa for Winterlude – amazing! Do you have any plans to explore the city or perhaps come back to visit when our farmers markets are in full swing?

I would love to! But honestly with the show (Pitching In) and appearances and the restaurant, I haven’t had a day off in … well… 3 years! I love exploring and a good road trip – it would be fun to see the foodie side of Ottawa. And you have so many dedicated foodies. You know? True lovers of food in that city. It’s amazing.

So yeah, between Pitching In, old episodes of Restaurant Makeover, commercials for stuff like Inniskillin wine and guest spots on stuff like Iron Chef, I have calculated that your face is on Food Network every 10 minutes. Have you ever considered asking them to change the name of the channel to ‘Lynn Crawford’s Food Network’?

Really?? Every 10 minutes! Wow.

But seriously, how do you have any kind of work life balance?

What’s that? Kidding – I do what I love! It’s a passion and I work with amazing people who I love so it’s not work and life. It’s just life!

Do you have any trouble watching yourself on T.V.?

I don’t have time to watch myself on T.V.! But I have watched several episodes and I don’t have a problem. I’m so proud of the show and everyone who works on it. It’s amazing the people you meet along the way and I’m just happy that people are enjoying watching it too.

Are you nervous at all getting ready for your big dinner to kick off Winterlude?

Oh no! I’m excited! I’m working with George Laurier and his amazing team. We are going to have an amazing meal and have fun together. Then there is a fireworks display – how is that? Fun right?!

They go all out for those fireworks – it’s a great time.

Then I realized I was pretty much out of questions, wished her luck in her travels to Ottawa and put my head in between my knees to put a stop to that light headed feeling I’ve been having since I picked up the phone. Too much excitement for one day.


Thank you so much to Chef Crawford. Tickets to her Winterlude kick off dinner are available here until Monday. If you are going – I want to hear all about it!