Time for another edition of: Why Can’t Jodi Read a Recipe?!?! It’s a mystery really. Though sometimes I make changes on purpose. It is a real testament to the Bonne Femme Cookbook that I am able to bastardize and play with Wini’s recipes and they still come out amazing. Imagine what they would be like if I learned to follow instructions… one can only dream.

Let’s start with the Walnut Gateau from page 346. I will start by saying that I never use a separate bowl for my wet and dry ingredients. Never. Does it harm my baked goods? Not that I can see. Does it make less dishes for me in the end. Yes. One bowl baking wins. So I basically followed the recipe word for word… minus the part about the separate bowls for wet and dry ingredients then mixing them together. Oh and I used a different shaped pan… because I like to be difficult.

It turned out really good. It’s a nice cake, not too sweet which I really enjoyed. We ate it with just a touch of powdered sugar on top – stellar. I didn’t even feel too unhealthy for having seconds. We brought the cake with us over the holidays to some friends we were having dinner with. Last time we went I brought a lemon pie. Our friends have a 2 year old daughter and when she had a bite of my lemon pie she started to cry. True story. I’m happy to report that the walnut cake went over much better.

If I had a stamp that said ‘Maya Approved’ I would put it right on this picture.

Next was the Poulet Pot Pie on page 218 that I changed just because I’m a bad ass. Actually it was because it was after Christmas and instead of Chicken left overs I, like 90% of others, had turkey. So it became a turkey pot pie. And honestly, it was one of the best pot pies I have ever made or eaten. And I’m actually a pretty big fan of pot pie. Pastry, gravy and meat? Hells yeah. This one was so simple I could cry and tasted better than 90% of ones I’ve eaten before. Maybe 95%. It’s so simple Hubs could make it… in fact I think he should *hint hint hubby*.

Kicking ass and taking names.

The thing I liked most about this pot pie was how light it felt. There were loads of veggies and while it was comforting I felt good for eating it. The only crust is the puff pastry on the top (a delish and time saving alternative to pie crust), so I think that helps.

The next dish I made this week was the Flank Steak with a Warm Sherry Vinegar and Garlic Vinaigrette. I’m not too proud to admit that I literally licked the frying pan that I made the sauce in after the steaks were cooked. It was cooled of course. I’m not that daft. But lick the pan I did. It was perfection – just the most amazing thing I have made from this cook book yet. I have yet to purchase Sherry Vinegar so this was actually a Sherry Wine and Garlic Vinaigrette… simply phenomenal.

Steak… I’m going to have your babies.

Well played cookbook – these three recipes are simply fab. Next week let’s cook:

Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque with Sweet Curry, page 75
Osso Bucco-Style Chicken Thighs, page 171
Tagliatelle alla Bolognese Francese, page 226
One Bonne Started Salad, page 31