I may or may not know some of these from personal experience. But I know for sure I’m probably the only one who will find this funny.

I will take 7 of those right now please

1. At first I thought these ‘pizza tarts’ were going to be gross. And they were… until we put the seafood sauce on them. Now? AMAZING!

2. OH MY GOD!Β If they don’t tell me what the secret ingredient is RIGHT NOW I’m going to FREAK OUT! Or something… (Apparently while watching Iron Chef).

3. I’m not hungry at all… but I would totally eat a whole pizza right now.

4. Person 1 – We could make cinnamon buns!!!
Person 2 – You can do that?!?
Person 1 – Yeah… but I’m really going to have to pull it together

5. The chairman is so creepy… (again with the iron chef – there always seems to be a marathon of it on Food Network at any given time).

6. Wow… this is so good. It tastes like so much more effort than I’m ready to put in right now.

7. Person 1 –Β I HAVE to stop watching Food Network. No good can come from this.
Person 2 – I know… but I can’t watch anything else right now. It’s riveting.

8. Was Beavis and Butthead always this funny?