Seriously Galen Westen? Seriously?

Thanks to my friend Kelly at the Gouda Life I read this article on where Loblaw’s head honcho Galen Westen says that Farmer’s Markets are great and all, but one day they are going to kill someone.

Excuse me?

People were quick to point out that “supermarkets sell most of the food that’s recalled by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).” And “that it was Maple Leaf Foods and a Toronto meat plant — not a farmers’ market — that was at the centre of a 2008 Listeria outbreak that left 23 people dead and led to a major recall.”

I always knew this guy was a weasel. Just look at those beady eyes.

And you wonder why people get upset when Loblaws is the sponsor of a local food event like Feast of Fields.