I’m well on my way to crossing off one of my bucket list item. “Learn to cook with something I have never heard of.” Actually I have challenged myself to cook with three such items, but here is the first.

WTC? That would be ‘what the cuss’… I’m trying to keep it PG around here.

While wandering Farm Boy – as is my custom while grocery shopping – I stumbled across this warty cucumber looking thing. Having no other knowledge than it was ugly, I decided to give it a try. Turns out it’s called Karela, or Indian Bitter Melon. And holy cuss, bitter is the right word. This is not something you would like to eat on it’s own. Though the pup seemed to like it alright and he is quite particular with what he eats, bless his picky heart.

So I took to the internet to research my new purchase. Here was the recipe I found and gave a whirl –

1 potato
1/2 red onion
1 karela
1/2 TBSP curry spice

Slice all ingredients very thin. Heat some olive oil in a pan, add spices and warm until you can smell them. Add thinly sliced vegetables and saute until tender.

The idea was that the potato absorbs some of the bitter flavour from the Karela and makes it a more balanced dish.

I give the whole thing a meh to blah rating on the taste scale. The potatoes were actually pretty good, the Karela and curry giving them a wonderful Indian spice flavour. The Karela itself was pretty unappealing. Personally I picked it out of the dish, the kid did the same. Hubby was a trooper and ate his, but you could tell he didn’t enjoy it.

Hub’s Karela Face

So with a promise to never make this dish again, I end my first venture into the unknown with my bucket list.