Ok. So technically I’ve heard of a sunchoke before. But I have never seen one, nor have I eaten it. I figure this counts as part of my bucket list. Besides, Farm Boy tried to trick me by calling it a Jerusalem Artichoke and it totally worked. I had no idea that they were the same thing as sunchokes.

Kind of looks like sickly ginger root…

This went about 100 times better than the karela incident. In that we actually really liked the finished product and would eat it again… and again. The funniest part was actually how surprised hubs was that he enjoyed it. The conversation went like this:

Hubs: So what have we got here?

Me: Sunchokes – it’s for my bucket list, another new ingredient.

LikeΒ that bitter melon thing?? (You can hear the fear in his voice)

Possibly. That’s the fun!

Yes. Fun. *Takes a bite* Actually this is good. *Another bite* Really good! Way to try toΒ freak me out.

That is always my intention.

He’s right to doubt me…

I decided to keep it simple so I just cleaned and sliced the sunchokes into 1/4 inch pieces then coated them with a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper. Then I roasted them at 400 until I could stab them with a fork. So easy. So good. Maybe next time Hubs wont be as frightened… though he probably should be.