I’ve got a thing for empty containers. I don’t know what it is. But I see an empty peanut butter jar and I think to myself “I don’t know what I would do with it… but I’m sure I’ll think of something.” Then I wash it and put it away.

After the great empty jar avalanche of ’09, I have restricted myself to one empty jar per size. Just one. And yes, I struggle with that sometimes. The urge to reuse is strong in this one.

It was like this times one million… and it happened a couple of times. What? I’m not a fast learner.

But it’s not just reusing old jars … I love all empty jars. Oh their possibilities!

So when I realized that I do not own a proper cookie jar, I saw this as a sign to buy my greatest jar ever. EVER.

That’s when the reality of growing up hit me. I very much want to buy a hideous and tacky cookie jar that expresses my inner nerd to the nth degree. But I am torn in that I should probably buy something nice, that wont embarrass the kid and hubby for years to come as I proudly display it for all to see.

 If the jar is this cool… think of how great the cookie must be?!?!

Growing up sucks.

The basement is where I put all the nerdy things that I can’t do without… like my Optimus Prime Mr. Potato Head and vintage Ninja Turtle Van. But a basement is no place for a cookie jar! Or is it… easy access to cookies?? Hmmm… I could be on to something.

What do you put your cookies in?

It may be adult… but it is a very fine jar…