This was it ladies and gentlemen… my unique dining experience of 2012.

What’s the first thing you noticed in this picture?? The Chefs? The Location? Or the big honking piece of pork?

Monday night Dave and Fred the chefs and owners of Joe Beef in Montreal came to Ottawa for a very special dinner put on by Ottawa Magazine’s City Bytes Blog. The guys subjected themselves to a little Q&A from the crowd and the well prepared Shawna Wagman, then took the crowd to sign copies of their new book – The Art of Living According to Joe Beef. My inscription is a combination of Dave crossing out the names of the other authors and printing ‘I wrote this book alone’ and Fred, who crossed out the words Joe Beef and wrote my name in the title so it now reads “The Art of Living According to Jodi”. It kind of felt like the class clowns signing your year book.

Here’s a little video from the Q&A – the guy’s talking about the Big Mac theory of flavour and cooking.

Then came the food. 4 Chefs inspired by their experiences at Joe Beef as well the new cook book created their own dishes. The Chefs were Steve from Murray Street, Marysol from Chez Edgar, Matt from Castlegarth and Candice from Urban element. Highlights?? Soft and tender potato rolls with shredded pork that reminded me why I love bread, crispy chicken skin on scotch ice cream (look out bacon… crispy chicken is looking to take your spot on the most loved food item list), and a foie gras, bacon and velveeta sandwich on a croissant like roll.

Seriously. Velveeta and foie gras sandwich. It was so rich and decadent – a treat to be sure. A messy, gooey treat.

Here is another video of the guys talking about being Celebrities.

Thanks to everyone who helped to put this night on. Strike one off the bucket list!

I had no idea mashed potatoes could be so amazing.