How many times can you listen to Journey’s Greatest Hits while driving from Prince Edward County to Ottawa before you get sick of it?

Trick question. You can never get sick of Journey.

I would have made a video of me singing in the car, but that would have been dangerous since I was alone in the car on my way home… and the video didn’t turn out very well.

 This weekend was a food blogger get away known as Indulge PEC – set up by the amazing folks at Sandbanks Winery. Me and some fellow bloggers got to spend a night in the county becoming very well acquainted with its food, people, beers and wines. My posts this week will be dedicated to my adventure this weekend – I sincerely hope that you get a chance to get down to PEC and have an adventure of your own. Even in March it is as beautiful a place as I have ever been and it is one of the best foodie get aways I can think of.

This post I’m going to be talking about the accommodations in PEC, because when you are planning your trip there, booking a room should be one of the first things you do.

In the county most rooms you will find are in a B&B. No big hotel chains right in the county and that’s the way I like it. Keeps the charm of the towns to have large homes serve as your home away from home!

That fridge is just begging for you to put your wine and beer in it.

The blogging group was broken up into several smaller groups so that we could try a variety of B&B’s … also, though we enjoy each other’s company we aren’t at THAT level of friendship yet. Next time we’ll all crash in one room, but not this trip.

I was stationed at Magnolia Meadows in Wellington. What a gorgeous place to stay! Three of the most beautiful rooms I’ve ever seen – all with big comfy beds just waiting for you to fall into them. Guests also have their own dining room and living room to make use of.

What’s that you spy?? A coffee cake? For ME?!?! Yes please!

Bob and Isabelle who run Magnolia Meadows are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Only too happy to make your stay pleasurable, Isabelle offered to drive us to and from our dinner reservation so that we could have as much wine as we liked without having to cab – isn’t that sweet?!?

In addition to being some of the most hospitable hosts I’ve ever met, they can also cook! Breakfast was a thing of beauty. Although not once was I hungry while in PEC, I couldn’t help but scarf down the fruit salad and french toast with brandied bananas that Isabelle had cooked up for us Sunday morning.

Before you have any bright ideas, I’ve already asked Bob and Isabelle to adopt me. They are thinking about it. So get in line.

An amazing stay at a truly gorgeous B&B – what more could you ask for?

Up next… the food.

Because it’s mean to mention Journey and then just leave you hanging…