Yesterday I started a week of posts about my trip over the weekend to Prince Edward County. That’s right… one night in the county left me with enough stuff to fill a week’s worth of posts. Needless to say there is a lot going on in PEC. You can check out that post about my gorgeous B&B here.

I ate and drank so much over the approximately 30 hours that I was there that I actually feared that I might explode. Or at the very least crack. I swore to myself that when I returned on Sunday night I wouldn’t eat until at least Tuesday… but come Monday around 11 am I was actually rooting around my fridge on the hunt for food and was mildly annoyed that no one had made me amazing french toast with brandied banana’s like I had the day before. Reality sucks.

I’m really just peckish… I’ll have chili, nachos, rice, half a turkey burger, some cheese and a cookie
Please note I don’t normally coordinate my outfit with my hair ties… only when I’m having my picture taken

To say the food we had in the county was fantastical would be putting it mildly. From a wonderful vegan mushroom and asparagus soup at the Painted Peppercorn in Picton, to an 8 course tapas menu at Sandbanks Winery… we dined. That’s right. Dined. Or feasted. Yes… we feasted.

The tapas menu at Sandbanks was the first of its kind and special for our #indulgePEC event. Mushroom pate, quinoa and feta salad, poached pears with dark chocolate and scallops with garlic aioli – there truly is a sandbanks wine for every dish imaginable. But that’s a story for another post.

It may look like just a harmless couple of bites… until you realize this is just course one… of nine.

After a two lunches… one accidentally added to our itinerary, one much bigger than anticipated, we headed for dinner at Wellington’s culinary hot spot – East and Main. A beautiful bistro with a very talented chef. I’m sad to say that I was so full that I could do little more than eat an appetizer of lobster ravioli as my main course… and drink about 4 glasses of wine. It might not have been a full meal, but it was so delicious that I am determined to return for a full experience. Tender, house made ravioli stuffed with succulent lobster. I asked them to marry me, but when I got no response I ate them. Now we will be one.

Getting started with some drinks!

Sunday started with a wonderful breakfast at our B&B (see yesterday’s post) and moved on to some non-food related activities that somehow ended in wine. More later. It then moved to a special lunch at The Manse. A soon to be opening B&B in Picton. A gorgeous spot if I do say so myself… and I know that I don’t. In fact I think some of the bloggers may still be there… hiding away planning to live out their days in the gorgeous honeymoon sweet.

I see you Claire!!

Lunch was prepared by the Manse’s in house Chef, Chef Chris Wylie. It consisted of an amazing curried carrot soup (that I would have licked clean if I hadn’t been trying to be on my best behaviour), and an assortment of sandwiches and desserts. Featuring local ingredients like house made bacon, black river horse radish cheddar cheese and honeyed heirloom carrots – these were no mere sandwiches. The meal ended with a trio of desserts that showed off the Chef’s skill. From chocolate ‘air’ to ginger chocolate cake and to the best banana cheese cake I ever tasted. The soon to be guests of the Manse will be in good hands to be sure.

A sandwich so good, you’d step over your own mother just to get one!

For me the tour of the county was topped off with a stop at Fifth Town Artisan Cheese to sample their assortments of goat, cow and sheep’s milk cheese. Let’s just say… it is soooo worth the drive out to the factory for some fresh and simply amazing cheese. From maple chèvre to one year old goats milk cheddar, soft-ripened, brine-ripened and more, the unique and amazing side of the county is in full display at this one location.

Just pack it up… I’ll take one of everything.

They are also a very environmental outfit, with their cheese aging caves being constructed underground in order to insulate so that they can use less power. They are Canada’s only LEED certified dairy and have a wind turbine, solar panels and recycled plastics or bio plastics packaging where possible.

Even though I was ready to burst as I left… I know there are still so many more tastes to discover in the county. I look forward to finding them all!

Next up… the big show… beer and wine!