“I wish I had licked her face” That’s just the kind of gems that come out of my mouth after a night of drinking. Luckily, I was in Prince Edward County so at least what I was drinking was amazing! Even if my contribution to the conversation was lacking.

Could have been worse… I could have been in ‘Bat Country’

The county is filled with wineries and a few amazing breweries as well. Our trip included a trip to Barley Days Brewery and Sandbanks Winery. It also included a stop at Waupoos Cider which I wasn’t able to attend… but not to worry, my post Friday will make sure that you can still get some information on it.

First up, Barley Days. Brewmaster Alex started us off with a tour of how things work around the brewery.

Alex actually started out at Beau’s Brewery after he finished his Masters

Then came the tastings! It may have only been 11:15 in the morning, but I had been up for hours and eaten a couple of breakfasts by then… so why not?! We tried everything from Barley Days Brown Ale (which was awesome) to their oaked lagers which were unique and effervescent. They take their lager (which they sell unoaked as well) and age it in oak barrels. It’s amazing the difference that a little oak can make!

Get in my belly. Now.

All and all a very amazing beer and super friendly people. If you are in the county you’ve got to stop by and see the crew at Barley Days!

Next up the crown jewel in our trip to Prince Edward County… Sandbanks Winery.

First off… what a beautiful winery. Bright and sunny, even on a day in March that was so windy one of our bloggers literally blew away. She didn’t go far… but still… she went. Seriously, every single wine at Sandbanks was on point. But the big achievement comes from their white wine, Dunes. That’s right… I have finally found a white wine I enjoy as much as red*

*Ok red still wins… but this one is the best white I think I’ve tried. The hunt will continue, but just as an excuse to drink more wine.

So I’m claiming this as a victory on the bucket list! I’ve found you Dunes… and I’m never letting go.

When you visit the county – and really how can you not? – you have to make it a point to stop into Sandbanks. A super friendly group of people, so willing to go out of their way to ensure you have the most amazing visit to a part of the world you can tell they love. Some how real estate listings kept ending up in my hands. I can thank John for that!

 Another stellar wine from Sandbanks

What’s that? You can’t wait to go to the county to have some Sandbanks wine?? No problem… you can find it at the LCBO and at many of the better wine events in town. But if you really want to try the full spectrum you are going to have to make the trek. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.