So you have eaten and drank your way into a semi comatose state. It’s a happy coma, but still. May I suggest a little relaxation yoga?

That’s right. After a day and night of drinking and over eating, some of the bloggers and I headed out for a little yoga. At best we were skeptical that his was, in fact, a good idea. But the moment we arrived at Indigo Yoga our tune changed. The studio is stunning. In a renovated 1874 church, the light and beauty of the space had me thinking… ok… maybe just one downward dog.

Our instructor Sacha understood our predicament instantly and suggested we take it slow. A wonderful suggestion. After some relaxing but invigorating stretching and balancing poses we ended the session with a little face massage and rest. The perfect end to a wonderful yoga session. It had some of our bloggers vowing that they were converts and willing to try it again. A big attitude adjustment from a little over an hour ago.

What do you mean you expect me to work out sober? I don’t think so.

Another big bonus, it made the drive home that afternoon much more pleasant… and I felt taller. Oh… and John broke out a beautiful bottle of wine for us to end the session with, but I’m told that most yoga doesn’t end with wine. Too bad.

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