Have you heard of this? Janes, the company responsible for many frozen meat products, has a new one. It’s called Flat Jacks. It’s basically a flat breaded chicken patty that you can make in your toaster.

Toaster meat??

Honestly kids, I’m torn. I mean… if you are going to eat frozen processed meat anyway – isn’t it better to be able to make it in something that uses less electricity. I mean, better than heating up an entire oven right? Plus it’s good for little kids who are too little to be using the oven on their own, but having independence is a good thing.

On the other hand – seriously?? Processed toaster meat from god knows how many chickens, raised under satan only knows what kind of conditions. It makes my stomach go flippy flop. Not in a good way.

So I took to the twitter-verse and asked: Chicken patties you can make in your toaster – best idea ever, or worst. You said:

@savvari The folks at @JanesFamilyFd make them and my hubby really likes them

@peady It’s kinda gross, no?

@lesainto worst!! Chicken in a toaster..:(

@legault_phil You lost me at ‘frozen’ and ‘patties’

@stuffedottawa  use to really like toaster strudels growing up, but this seems different and worse.

@ExecTravelGuy I would not eat them, Sam I Am! *bad idea*

And of course I got this one:

But I’m not taking it seriously… just shaking my head. Yes, you are biased… maker of toaster meat.

So what do you think?

*** UPDATE ***

Getting some pretty hilarious replies to this topic that I thought I would share.

@chelseabalzan Ewww. Processed meat is disgusting to begin with but cooking it in the toaster is just a whole new level of wrong.

@flatbreadpizzaco Uggh, I suppose someone could wash it down with Bacon Soda? 🙂

@klwatts Does it come with sauce in a squeeze packet so I can decorate before I eat? #toastermeat

@fredthewebchap ter 2am and a few drinks, absolutely! Any other time…aw, who am I kidding…probably.

@chucksdayoff @SimplyFresh in NY…..sorry…;( next time! (that one had nothing to do with #ToasterMeat… just wanted to gloat that Chuck Hughes tweeted me. Gloating complete!)

*** UPDATE 2 ***

I think my biggest problem with this, besides that I’m sure it’s just a slurry of white chicken meat pressed together in squares. Is that it furthers the idea that food is that thing we should ingest as quickly as possible to get on to something better. Not really a philosophy that I want to subscribe to. Then again I subscribe to the belief that there is a flying spaghetti monster somewhere in space and one day he will come to earth with meatballs for all! So, maybe I’m not the best judge.

*** UPDATE 3***

Chuck. I’ve decided you and I are now best friends. If this is ok with you, give me absolutely no sign. It will be done.