Remember Chia pet’s?? They are back. In food form. Sort of.

Basically those same seeds that you slathered on a terra cotta pig are the next super food. By weight they pack more Omega 3’s than salmon along with a slew of antioxidants. Experts are recommending you eat about a Tablespoon a day.

But how do you eat Chia seeds? Short answer – however the heck you want. On a recent trip to the bulk food store I found them both as seeds and ground up. They have virtually no taste, and seeds have a texture that reminds me of poppy seeds.

So far I have added them to rice (while the rice was cooking). They softened up and the only difference between regular rice and rice with chia was that it looked like the inside of a dragon fruit. I called it dalmatian rice.

I’ve also added whole seeds to my bread dough and baked goods, had no idea they were in there. I can only imagine how invisible the ground seeds would be.

Finally I added them to salad dressing. Here they kept their texture, but a gain no taste, so it worked there too.

I’m not 100% convinced that I wont turn into a living chia pet, but I think I could rock that look.