A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved with Celebrity Chefs of Canada event held this past Sunday at the NAC. It was phenomenal. They took the constructive (and sometimes snarky) criticisms of last year and came out with a stellar event that should make our capital region proud.

If you couldn’t make it out, you might have been following the tweets that many participants were sending out? What? You have a life? And couldn’t sit glued to your computer becoming hungry and jealous all day? Never fear! Here is a tweet centred recap of the event. And because it’s me I will mostly be recapping the most immature and odd tweets from the day. Many of those tweets are probably from me.

@simplyfresh I’m so excited that I might throw up #CCOC

@hillaryduffcu Chef @MarcLepine and @chefquangdang are up first with their geoduck clam dish! Go team! #CCOC http://lockerz.com/s/195705500
@simplyfresh Anyone else think a geoduck looks like the thing from tremors?? #CCOC
@foodieprints Umm… @chefquangdang is playing with shaft meat. Cleaning his geoduck… #ccoc@CELEBCHEFCANADA#crossingLegshttp://pic.twitter.com/fYWTkhcq
@simplyfresh Liquid nitrogen fight! #ccoc
@gadgetgirl_ca Geoduck, pronounced “gooey-duck” makes me giggle #CCOChttp://pic.twitter.com/HFalXaK2

@Ontario Culinary Up next at #CCOC is @nedbell (in his blue shoes) and @patricialarkinhttp://ow.ly/i/wQ0X their dish is featuring @ocean_wise albacore tuna
@RG_1_3 I started cooking because my mother was the worst cook in the world @nedbell #CCOC
@thegoudalife “Do what you love or give people the opportunity to do what they love and they will be fulfilled” – @nedbell #CCOC
@foodieprints Woah… @patricialarkin and @nedbell prepared 110 kg of albacore tuna for @CELEBCHEFCANADA #ccoc http://pic.twitter.com/xmqmo2cG
@foodieprints Omg…so want to share the sweet and Savour smell in the studio right now! @CELEBCHEFCANADA #ccoc
@missfish Yes! RT @paulajroy: Big shoutout to the hardworking students from ALgonquin College assisting the chefs today #CCOC

@foodieprints Next up Vikram Vij and @vtrattoria ‘s Cesare Santaguida #italianMaetsIndian #ccoc @CELEBCHEFCANADA http://pic.twitter.com/LpRXuIaV
@hillaryduffcu Just left the studio. Upon re-entering, I realized just how UNREAL it smells in here. #isitsamplingtimeyet #CCOC
@thegoudalife Loving #VikramVijs‘s sense of humor. He and Chef Santaguida are wonderful together! @vtrattoria. #CCOC
@latwistedchef Grind your own spices – consider it as important as grinding your own coffee beans #CCOC #vikrimvij
@simplyfresh Adivice from Chef Vij Indians shouldn’t travel with chef knives… You WILL get pulled into the little back room of the airport #ccoc
@ontarioculinary The smell coming from @vijs_restaurant & @vtrattoria masala is unbelievable! My tummy is rumbling – I may crash the demo stage. #CCOC
@charleneBside If you’re a Canadian foodie and not at #ccoc I’m sad for you

@thelemonkitchen Here comes @michaelblackie with Patrick McMurray…I think there might be things in shells… #CCOC
@hillaryduffcu Chef Patrick McMurray has the world record for oyster shucking. Thirty eight in A MINUTE! #foodhero #CCOC
@glenfarclas30 Silver gloved shucker making everything better with bacon! @CELEBCHEFCANADA #CCOC
@missfish Did I understand that correctly? @ShuckerPaddy shucks on a puck? #CCOC #chickenfarmers

@simplyfresh Check out my wicked #ccoc program. @michaelblackie is giving me a come hither look. ‘Hey girl, wanna see me cook?’ http://yfrog.com/odurnhij

@foodieprints Susur Lee and Matt Carmichael are coming up next! #ccoc @celebchefcanada http://twitpic.com/919dy3
@glenfarclas30 Omg!! Susur Lee!! Within my reach but I will show restraint. @CELEBCHEFCANADA #CCOC
@ontarioculinary Umm lobster @susurlee style. St. Canut suckling pig, Parmesan crusted fennel lobster salad with a saffron mayo. Go ahead – be jealous #CCOC
@glenfarclas30 Chefs walking down memory lane while demoing. This reunion smells wonderful! @CELEBCHEFCANADA #CCOC

@gadgetgirl_ca Chefs Duffy & Bangerter making a dish you could do at home #CCOC http://pic.twitter.com/6377Hiaq
@boudreauk There needs to be a scratch and sniff app…this smells AMAZING #CCOC @CELEBCHEFCANADA http://yfrog.com/h4k6jqoj
@missfish Every mention of “tasty crispy bits” is bringing me closer to storming the stage. #CCOC #chickenfarmers

@thelemonkitchen Thanks Newfoundland for Chef Charles… #bestillmyheart #CCOC
@stuffedottawa @KurtStoodley you’re missing Newfoundland rabbit right now at @CELEBCHEFCANADA with Chef Jonathan Korecki & Chef Jeremy Charles #ccoc

@missfish Duck tossing at #CCOC. Don’t ask. 😉 #chickenfarmers
@foodieprints 🙂 @perspectivesbsh Chef Cliff Lyness and @chefparsons demoing duck #ccoc @CELEBCHEFCANADA http://pic.twitter.com/NzEDhyEo
@paulajroy Chefs Jason Parsons and Clifford Lyness have just filled NAC studio with peach-scented smoke. It’s divine! #CCOC

@nurse_ja Michael Blackie and Lynn Crawford on last so excited #CCOC @CelebChefsCanada
@foodieprints And @michaelblackie and @chef_lynn are up! Crowd just roared. Said Crawford “why top female chef? Top Chef!” #ccoc @CELEBCHEFCANADA
@glenfarclas30 @chef_Lynn is amazing in her ADD cooking!! @michaelblackie is a great straight man 4 her! @CELEBCHEFCANADA #CCOC

@chefparsons Let the games begin, 700 guests in the next 3 hours #CCOC http://yfrog.com/hwaeuyrj
@gadgetgirl_ca Let the eating begin #CCOC http://pic.twitter.com/v5zmIGfQ
@shawnhooper Checking out the Celebrity Chefs of Canada at @CanadasNAC with @DahliaEvent. So much amazing food! #CCOC #ottawa
@cakemom2 Having a blast with my BB @CharleneBside at the #ccoc! @ANClifford – we are behaving! 😀

@chefbangerter Everyone wants to taste my bits..RT @stuffedottawa: I’m a lucky girl just had some of @chefbangerter‘s “custom bits” @CELEBCHEFCANADA #ccoc
@kingofcaviar Great food, wine and company at the @celebritychefs #CCOC Ottawa! Looking forward to the after party!
@paulajroy Home..happy and oh-so-full of all the delicious things I tasted and learned today at #CCOC. I expect to dream of food tonight! Thanks, all!

Nuff said.