Last Thursday Hubby was screening a music video he directed at a local film showcase that was playing at the Bytowne Theatre. I’ve been craving a taco so we decided to check out Los Tacos De Mauro – a Mexican Restaurant that doubles as a night club called Discoteka on 349 Dalhousie, 2nd floor. I had been hearing some buzz about this place for a while now so I was excited to give it a whirl.

As I climbed the steps to Los Tacos I started to worry that I was in the wrong place. Yes there was a sign on the street (not one on the building), but it definitely didn’t look like a restaurant. But as I neared the top it began to smell like one! You can see the night club atmosphere of the space, but it is lined with tables and bright plastic table cloths and during the day some really amazing sunlight streams in. So it may not be much to look at… but the food makes up for it!

The food is authentic and wonderful. No tex-mex here. When we ordered our tacos, pork for me and lamb for hubs, we were brought 5 little bowls of different toppings including cilantro, lime wedges, onions and two sauces. One red and one green. We were told they were pretty mild. Not so much. The red had some kick to it. Somehow this just added to the authentic experience. I can’t count how many times travelling the world I was told something wasn’t spicy only to turn red and cough after I tried it.

How freaking good does that look??

The tacos, on house made shells I might add, came with juicy and succulent meat. Spiced and flavourful – my favorite combination of toppings was a little bit of everything minus the onions (I’m not really a fan of raw onion). It had the spice of the red sauce and the flavour of the green. Just awesome. The three tacos came with your choice of soup or salad. Hubs had the salad which had a lovely vinaigrette and was mixed greens, tomatoes, avocados and other veg. I went with the soup of the day. A tasty, creamy carrot soup that really hit home on that chilly blustery Thursday.

And if it wasn’t enough to have some really wonderful authentic Mexican food, it is a wonderful price. For your three tacos, starter of soup or salad plus a Mexican beer our bill came to $16.50 per person including tax but before tip.  Amazing.

So the only question I have is… why would you ever go to Lonestar, 1/2 a block away, to have a platter of boring and bland tex-mex when you could have something flavourful and kick ass?

4 out of 5 stars