One of the items on my bucket list was to find Ottawa’s Best…. something. I started out by attempting to find Ottawa’s best taco. That’s when I a) realized how many places do tacos in Ottawa; b) couldn’t decide on what qualified as ‘the best’ when it came to tacos, I had an amazing fusion taco, a fantabulous authentic taco and some great value meals… what was ‘the best’?? and c) saw another post about Ottawa’s best taco thus squashing my enthusiasm for the project.

So I picked myself up and dusted myself off and set out in search of Ottawa’s best brew. I sampled many but decided to compare apples to apples if at all possible and focus my search to Ale’s. Otherwise we’d be here a while as I tried beer after beer… hmmm…. maybe I should have gone ahead with that.

Anyway… I narrowed it down to three on my own and set up a blind taste test to get the opinions of my friends. Sampling a selection from Beaus, Kichisippi and Mill Street, the winner was…

Ta da!!!!!

The Millstreet Tankhouse Ale. They loved the flavour! That’s not to say they didn’t love all the other beers too… but when push comes to shove and they were forced to choose this is what the ‘panel’ came up with. As my friend Shaun pointed out, weather might have influenced some votes. It was a cooler night and that might have had some going for a bolder flavoured beer. If I had this taste test in the middle of summer a lighter ale might have fared better. I think we should try this again this summer… in the name of science.

What do you think?? What is your favorite local brew?

*** Updated ***

Ok… one of my readers got me on a wording technicality and Jeff, you are so totally right. He pointed out that Ottawa has dozens of great beers and beer styles so really this is Ottawa’s Best ALE. Not brew, beer or anything else. He also pointed out that Tankhouse isn’t brewed in Ottawa. But I decided that with the Ottawa Brew Pub in town I will let it slide and welcome all Mill Street products into our big happy Ottawa beer family. At least for this taste test.

I should also point out that this is just the opinion of a handful no need to get panties in a knot. Though I’m sure to one day have my own award show for great food and drink in Ottawa… that day is not yet here. But rest assured that when I do they will be based on personal preference as well… because hell… that’s what I’m all about.

*** Updated x2***

Alright kids, while I still totally stand by the results of my blind taste test. It really isn’t fair to the other beers. Tankhouse is really more of a Toronto expat so I can’t really call it Ottawa’s best anything. Sigh… guess I’m just going to have to try this again in a do over! But this time I’m going to do it right. A little more research BEFORE I start drinking the beers and writing posts. This calls for: ANOTHER TASTE TEST. Hmmm… was this all a part of my scheme to drink more beer?? No. I don’t plan that far ahead.

I may just be getting the hang of this ‘professionalism’ thing. Not likely.

Ok. So here is where I need your help. I can’t drink every Ottawa beer. I mean… I say I can but my doctor disagrees. Pfft. So what I need are suggestions on which Ottawa beer’s to try. Any style. Go nuts. What should I drink?? I’ll get a few people together, we’ll sample and get back to you with the results in a post I’m calling for the time being “Ottawa’s Best Brew 2: Electric Boogaloo”. Top 5 suggestions will be part of my second blind taste test.