Located in the old Hintonburger location at 991 Wellington West, Suzy QΒ has been pumping out tasty doughnut concoctions Wednesday through Sunday for a while now. But it seems like using unique flavour combinations and eyebrow raising ingredients are no longer enough – it’s time to kick it up a notch!

Last Saturday I paid a visit to the doughnut purveyor for an interesting reason. No, not for doughnuts… but to listen to a band. That’s right. Right in the parking lot there was a neat little set up where a trio of very talented musicians were playing some instrumental pieces and taking requests from the audience.

But while I was there I might as well have a doughnut right?? Almost. I had a doughnut ice cream sandwich! What’s better than a honey dipped doughnut with sesame crackers crumbled on top, than that exact same doughnut with fruit loop flavoured ice cream in the middle. Yes. You read that correctly.

Odd combination though it may be, it somehow worked and I had a very tasty treat to listen to theΒ  tunes with on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Sometimes Ottawa is a pretty hip place to be. 4 out of 5 stars