On a lovely Saturday afternoon I met a couple of food loving friends for lunch at The Table Restaurant, a vegetarian eatery on 1230 Wellington Street West. I realized that until this point I had never been to a completely vegetarian restaurant. Sure I had picked the vegetarian option here and there… but nothing like this. I realized how appealing it must be to have every option on the menu be something that you can eat when you are used to eating in a way that often only leaves you with one or two options at any given restaurant. Or nearly every option depending on your preference of veganism over vegetarian.

The table works like a combination of a cafeteria and a buffet. Go around with your plate – pick out as much of anything you like, it is then weighed and you pay based on price. So a word of caution… this is not the place to let your eyes be bigger than your stomach. Though you can bring home your left overs if that happens! For a plate full plate of food, your average person is going to pay between $12 and $15 and be completely satisfied.

What I love about this restaurant is the ambiance. Walk in, help yourself and enjoy a good meal with those you are sharing it with. It has a very homey vibe. Perhaps it is that the kitchen tables you sit at were in pretty much every home I knew growing up in the 90s. You know what I mean… those country-chic maple wood sets that look like they need to be accented with plaid curtains and place mats.

The food is also pretty wonderful. Many vegan options and everything I tried was full of flavour and very good. The main buffet options are on a six week rotation (salads on a two week rotation) so there is always something new to eat. Make sure you get some of the onion chutney – it will knock your socks off. They have an emphasis for fresh ingredients, which translates to local when possible, but always with an emphasis on quality.

If you are looking for a great, casual vegetarian restaurant. Look no further! 5 out of 5 stars.