This isn’t quite a review… mostly because after my afternoon of wandering around Wellington West I was pretty stuffed by this point. But still interested in checking out Simply Raw Express (989 Wellington West).

A raw food eatery, this neat addition to the Wellington / Hintonburg area offers up some quick to-go items. Even if you are only going as far as the tables out front. 99% of all the food is served raw with a focus on gluten free, organic and plant based offerings.

That hot afternoon the smoothies seemed to be the biggest draw. I had a sample of the My Thai and the Tropical Mint – both were packed with flavour and I gotta say I felt pretty healthy for having them. Even if it was just a sip. Even if it was right after eating a doughnut ice cream sandwich. They were pretty darn tasty.

I’m looking forward to saving enough room on my return visit for a smoothie of my own, or maybe I’ll check out some of the great salads, shakes or pre-bottled juices that the store offers.