The Museum of Civilization has a new feather in its cap – the Bistro Boréal. Headed by executive Chef Georges Laurier, this is the type of dining that all of our museums should strive to have. There is nothing saying that just because you are out at a museum you need to settle for nasty cafeteria style food, or worse vending machines. In fact, that day we were at the museum ONLY for the food. And what food it was!

We started off with the Eastern Coast Fish and Shrimp Cake. Followed for me by the Vegetable and Oka Lasagna. It was a bit of a blustery and chilly day and it hit the spot. Warm, comforting and just what I was looking for. The food was delectable.

The price point is just right. Entrees run between $14 and $20 so eating out is not going to break the bank. I also appreciate a kids menu that isn’t just full of burgers and pizza. There is even wine! Finally… ever since university education and wine have always been linked for me. Even if it’s just a visit to an IMAX movie. Though I do wish there was some Canadian wine on the menu, but I hear that’s a supplier issue that they are hoping to work on.

It’s also a beautiful spot for a meal. Open kitchen, beautiful and flowing architecture (just like the rest of the museum) and a patio that is perfect for people watching. Make sure you take a look at the ceiling when you arrive – simulated northern lights dance along, adding a very nice touch.

All and all I would be back in a flash. This is exactly what all of our museums need to take them up to a level befitting Canada’s capital.

4 out of 5 stars.

Out of curiosity – which museum has your favorite food in the city??