The other night I popped into Jacobson’s Fine Foods and met the most interesting guy. Nick from Rude Health. What’s Rude Health? They say to be in Rude Health means you are the fittest you can be. It’s also a company in London that specializes in breakfast cereal that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Specifically Organic Porridge, Gluten Free Cereals, Granola and this little baby…

An Organic Muesli that has 23 ingredients, all of which you can pronounce and know what they are.

If you are wondering, like I was until I looked it up, the difference between Muesli and Granola is that Granola is usually coated with a sweet substance, like honey, and toasted. Muesli is normally not toasted and un sweetened.

Got to say I missed my granola, but I’m planning to take a tip from Nick and eat the muesli with a really good yogurt that I allowed the muesli to sit in over night. Sounds pretty darn tootin’ awesome.

*** Update ***

Nick also informed me that he plans to take Canadian Oatmeal by storm and introduce us to something that actually tastes good. No offence Quaker Oat Dude. I’m really excited by the possibility of this since I’ve always loved the idea of a healthy oatmeal to start my day, but to be honest that packet stuff leaves me less than excited. I’ve tried the steel cut oats (they physically make me sick)… so here is hoping Rude Health will be able to help. Available soon at Jacobson’s Gourmet Foods!