I’ve recently been introduced to the neatest program. It’s a food swap! Heard of them?? Well in this one, you sign up and are given the name of a food blogger (who happens to be Vegan or at least interested in Vegan food *cough cough… me*) and another blogger is given your name. Then you send your match a box of your favourite vegan goodies – $20 max – and await your own box of goodies!

Everything IS better with sprinkles!

A few people know this about me, but I love getting things in the mail. Real, snail mail. There is just something about a letter or a package… kind of like your birthday year round. As a lazy teenager getting up to walk down to the mail box and see if anything had arrived was one of the few reasons to wake up before 11am in the summer.

So this is a program for people like me! Of course I was to send a box to the originator of the program and I have to say… I choked. After seeing the box that my lovely partner sent to me, I know I have to step up my game for next time. The products I sent were awesome of course, and pretty Ottawa-centric if I do say so myself. But of course I forgot to send a card talking about what I sent, just wrapped it up in plain newspaper and sent large versions of the products, thus fewer things than I could have with my budget. D’oh!

To MeShell from MeShell in Your City I sent a Michael’s Dolce Jam, Major Craig’s Chutney, Kawalsa Salsa and Siren Bakery Granola.

Back off cat, get your own peanuts

From the super adorable Megan Muggins at the Vegan Cookbook aficionadoΒ I got so many wonderful things!

– Coconut Curry Lentil Soup Mix
– Saskatoon Rhubarb Jam
– Spicy Mango Chutney
– Puffed Kamut Squares (so THAT’SΒ what a sugar crisp is!)
– Chocolate Espresso Bar
– Strawberry Pepper Chocolate
– Zinger Peanuts (made with maple and cayenne)
– Sour berry gummy bears
– Chick-o-sticks (awesome peanut butter candy)
– Cosmic Cookies that she made herself!!

Way to put me to shame Megan. PS – you make a kick ass cookie. Thank you.

PPS – if you want to sign up for the vegan food swap click here!