The one thing I’ll say about becoming newly single around your birthday… people take you out. And in my case introduce you to some pretty wonderful food. That was the case with this dinner at Ceylonta (which has two locations: 403 Somerset and 2920 Carling… I visited the Carling location).

Specializing in Sri Lankan foods, I was so excited to visit Ceylonta. Normally they have a buffet for lunch through the week (which I was told that I need to return for), but for dinner it was ala cart. Not a problem… except when it came to picking what it was exactly that I wanted to eat. So many of the dishes were calling my name. Sri Lankan food is very similar to Indian, the main difference being that the spices are fast roasted before they are ground and put into the food.

I decided I needed to try a traditional dish, one that the menu said the restaurant was known for. Curried potato Dosai it was. A dosai is a lightly spiced pan fried crepe that provides the crispy shell to your stuffing (ie, the potatoes). Jiminy Jillikers Batman, it was phenomenal. Like a flavour round  house kick to my mouth. I loved every bite and dreamed about it later that night.

The restaurant itself is covered with traditional decorative times and is very colourful. It’s a casual restaurant that you feel comfortable wearing jeans to, bringing your family to or just popping in for a moment to pick up some take out.

Our server could have been a little more attentive – beers that were ordered never arrived (but they were not charged either, so no harm no foul) and some other incidents left a bit of a bad taste service wise, but the price of the meal was spot on with most items coming in around the $11-$18 range.

I loved my first experience with Sri Lankan food and I can’t wait to go back! 4 out of 5 stars