The new hot spot on everyone’s lips is Brother’s Beer Bistro on 366 Dalhousie. Who doesn’t love a restaurant that not only pairs a beer to each of their dishes, but also uses beer IN their dishes, even the bread which they make in house.

I love what they have done with the space (a former Japanese restaurant). You can actually see some remnants of the old decor around the ceiling and the door to the kitchen as they left some of the tiles up – in what I’m told was a harrowing battle of will power vs. tile adhesive. Brothers is a classy and sophisticated space that you can relax and enjoy. Yes you can come in jeans, but pair it with a nice shirt.

The servers are professional and knowledgable – it is a real treat trying to figure out which beer you would like to try with them. I started with a lovely veggie pasta with fiddleheads, asparagus and smoked parmesan that was paired with a Stiegl Radler, a beer with a light grapefruit. I found the food tasty, flavourful and very well priced. Lunch ranges from $12 to $19 for mains, and dinner is a larger portion from $16 to $24.

Stole a photo of Paola’s lunch… she’s lucky that’s all I stole – they look so yummy!

This isn’t the restaurant for anyone with a gluten allergy (the beer takes care of that), it’s also not a great option if many in your party are vegetarian or vegan (only one option for a veggie meal that could be turned vegan, repeated on both the lunch and dinner menu – though it is good enough to eat twice!). But if you enjoy good beer and good food, this is the spot for you.

 This wasn’t my dessert… mine was already half in my mouth by this point.

With so many restaurants having gitters or opening issues, I was surprised how smoothly and wonderful everything appears (my first visit was just before opening and the latest was just a couple weeks ago). Definitely a spot that is worth checking out.

4 out of 5 stars.