Working on my ‘List’ of restaurants that I want to try around town, I made my way to Moji. An italian restaurant on 97 Clarence Street. A very pretty restaurant in the heart of the market, Moji has a wonderful patio for relaxing and having a glass of wine while you people watch. It’s normally pretty quiet which is great as well if you are looking for a quieter evening.

Prices are fairly normal for an upper level restaurant in the market. Pasta dishes range from $16 to $18. Entrees are from $22 to $38.

The food is nothing too spectacular. Not that it was bad, but nothing amazing either. If you are looking for some run of the mill, average italian food (with some odd selections like Greek Salad and French wines thrown in) then this might be a good call. But personally, there are many other options I would look to first before returning.

2 out of 5 stars.