Finally – time to cross another item off my bucket list! Thanks to a very lovely birthday gift, I was off to tea at the Chateau Laurier. Time to put on my fancy pants everyone. And by fancy pants, I mean a pretty little dress that blew up around my face when I got out of my car. Like a very un-sexy Marilyn Monroe. I’m all class ladies and gentlemen. Luckily I was on the top floor of the parking garage, so only like 7 people saw it happen. They looked like the sort that would at least wait until I was out of ear shot to start calling their friends to tell them what they just saw.

I took ‘the kid’ with me. I’ve been trying to spend some extra special time just me and her. Try as we might, relationship problems effect more than just the people in that relationship. I know what it’s like when your parents split, not as a child but later in life. So I was hoping to use our tea time as a way to open up the communication. Apparently I had forgotten how awkward and horrible I am with meaningful conversations. All in all I think it went well… at the very least it was a nice way to pass the afternoon, even if I was completely unable to pass on any good advice.

The tea service itself was quite fun. Very high class and lovely. I adored the way the tea was presented to you on a rolling cart, and how you could smell all the varieties you like before making a choice. I found the service to be quite good, especially considering there were only two servers in my section which was full.

The food… well… let’s just say if you go, go for the atmosphere. I wasn’t horribly impressed. Scones, little sandwiches and a couple of desserts. None of which I was particularly wowed by. But to each their own. ‘The kid’ adored it. Ate all of her princess tea accompaniments and the left overs from my tray as well. Perhaps I’m just particularly fussy when it comes to my tea goodies. I do appreciate that the Chateau is a member of Savour Ottawa and that the treats are all made in house.

It’s an experience we should all have once, and I’m now on the look out for more occasions where I can put on a fancy dress. I’ll just wait for a day with less wind.

A little country pick me up… This one is for the girls.