It was a nice night out with my ladies and we decided to strike one off my bucket list by visiting another new to me restaurant. Palais Imperial is located on 313 Dalhousie, between York and Clarence. The Palais Imperial is a Chinese restaurant which is also connected to Royal Thai, in fact they share a menu. It’s a little confusing to say the least. But if you enjoy both types of cuisine than that might not be a problem for you… however I didn’t find that they really made either style of food very well.

Right next door is a great Mexican spot… hint hint.

I’m not an expert in these types of cuisine, but this was hardly my first fried rice, spring roll, green curry or pad thai. I found the fried items greasy, everything lacked flavour (not necessarily lacking spice, but it was just heat no flavour), and I was just generally underwhelmed.

The service was extremely efficient. Maybe too much so. In a 10 minute time span we had 4 different servers asking us if we were done eating. I think they were politely trying to tell us to get out. At least they were polite about it.

It’s a large space, dated and not in that cute way. But there is lots of room if you are a big group.

Prices were fair – around $9 to $15 per dish depending on if it is veggie, beef, chicken or fish. But to be quite honest I’d rather spend that money elsewhere…

2 out of 5