I’m calling it a mini review because I gave into my crap food side once again and had just eaten two IKEA hot dogs when I arrived at Big Rig. I know, I know… but seriously 2 hot dogs and a drink for $2!?!? What? Anyway…

That only left room in me for beer! But I did get a sneak peak at what others were eating.

Don’t let the name fool you… the sign is actually regular size. Kinda big, I guess.

Big Rig is located on 2750 Iris street – as you imagined near IKEA. It reminds me of a cross between Mill Street and Clocktower Brew Pub. The style and almost ‘borderline chain restaurant’ feel of Mill Street but the beers put me in mind of Clocktower.

I, of course, had to try a sampling of the beers! I checked out Big Rig’s Gold, Red, Brown and Stout. I gotta say – the stout wasn’t my bag (even though I’m a big fan of dark beers)… just a little too bitter and coffee like for my taste. The Gold was refreshing and awesome and the Red was my favourite. The brown was tasty, a bit nutty but also a bit bitter. Good, but not what I was craving that day.

The Red and the Gold were in a ‘DRINK ME!!’ competition

The food was your basic up scale pub fare. Prices were on point – hitting between $11 and $23 for the mains. I did find that the upgrade price of $2.50 for onion rings over french fries was a bit much – especially since my friend who took this option got about 1/2 the amount of rings vs. fries. But that’s just a personal pet peeve of mine.

I can say for sure that I’ll be back for a pint next time I’m in the area – maybe I’ll even go there first so that I’m not full of cheap hot dogs!

4 out of 5 stars