Last year I went for a special lunch at Atelier (as they do not normally open for lunch) and it blew my socks off… never to be seen again. Last night I went for dinner and was wise enough to leave the socks at home. If you have never had the extreme pleasure of dining at Atelier you are missing one of the most fantabulous, spectacular meals you will ever eat. Seriously, if you are even slightly adventurous with your food you need to eat here. It is playful and sophisticated, and left me with a perma-smile the entire evening.

The Codfather

When you go, and I know you will, be prepared for the following 5 moments during your 3.5 hour, almost 18 course dinner.

Moment 1

Around the 3rd or 4th course you will start getting really excited for what is coming next. By now you have had a small glimpse into how amazing this meal is going to be and hysteria tends to take over as you see your server coming towards your table with the next plate. This will happen time and time again, especially after they inform you that from this point on it will be dessertS. That is right. More than one.

Moment 2

Tears will well up in your eyes as you eat. Honest to God tears of joy. You will find it hard to believe you have ever been happier than in that moment. But you won’t cry. Ok. Maybe a single tear. Then you will take the next bite and it will happen all over again.

Moment 3

There will come a time when you start to believe that Chef Marc Lepine is some kind of culinary wizard. Or perhaps an alien sent to Earth to teach us about how amazing food can be. Either way, you tell yourself there is no way that an ordinary man is able to create such wonders and be so dashing at the same time. And you would be right. You then start wondering if there is any way you can kidnap him and have him cook for you all the time without anyone knowing. You give up this line of thinking when the next bite of food has you forgetting your own name, let alone what you were just thinking about.

Mini Mozza – technically course 3, actually course 6

Moment 4

Your dining companions are going to laugh at you. They can’t help it. You are making the most hilarious and explicit faces and you have no idea. You might have even hushed those around you so that you could enjoy the moment more fully. It happens. Usually after taking a sip of wine that has been perfectly paired with your latest course. Just make sure to laugh at them when they do it too.

Moment 5

You are going to wish that sweat pants were classy. This may have never ever been the case before, but after 18 courses you are going to want an elastic waistband more than you did when you were 3 and doing up the button on jeans by yourself was a simply impossible task. Don’t worry, a slow waddle around the block will have you feeling good as new. Almost.