Farmer’s Markets hate single people. There. I said it. I’ve been doing quite well cooking for one, but shopping is a whole different story.

No. I do not need 6 zucchini. Nor do I need that many tomatoes. And what will I do withย a bag ofย onions?

That, sir, is a shit ton of peppers.

I realize I could start shopping with a friend and splitting the bounty, but one of the great joys in my life is shopping for ingredients. Alone. Always has been.

I either need to start using more of the veg in creative ways, or shopping only at stores that let me buy only the amount of produce I need.

But I’m stubborn and love shopping in the market. So it looks like I’ll be freezing and pickling and canning in small batches just so my veg doesn’t go off. Or making food for my neighbours…