I’m finally on my own and settling into my new place. But, like any move, it was not without its hiccups and trials. Most of mine surrounded my cook books and other foodie related paraphernalia. If I had kept a journal it would have looked something like this:

20 days before the move: Time to start packing up. I know I’m moving to a smaller place so I’m going to be very smart about this and only take what I really need. Yes. NEED. No room for clutter – time for a fresh start.

1 minute later: Well I have to take this gravy boat and every serving dish I own… you never know when you are going to need them.

4 minutes after that: Enough cutlery to serve 12? Yes. I think I need all of that. I mean, I know it’s just me… but this way I can put off doing dishes for a while.

10 minutes later: If I ever thought to go through and purge some of these many, MANY cook books – now would be the time. Oh look… something shiny! *mess around* Screw it… I’ll just take all the books, but to save face I’m going to pack them all in to 2 super heavy boxes so it looks like I got rid of some of them.

The packing went on and on like that until my spare bedroom was full of stuff waiting to be brought over to my new digs. Finally day one of the actual move began:

Day 1 – Ok. There isn’t that much stuff. I’m going to be able to do this all in an afternoon I bet.
*After one load* Ok. Maybe it’s going to take me longer than I thought. But I’ve made a good start today. Time for wine and I’ll come back tomorrow!

Day 2 – I realize I’ve only taken light and easy things to the house. I should really remember to take at least one or two of the heavier things. Maybe one of those boxes of books.
*20 minutes later* Crap the car is full and I’ve forgotten anything heavy. Next time. I promise.

Day 5 – OK. Now all I have left are these damn heavy things! Why didn’t I take a little at a time?!? I can’t do this alone. I’m going to wait until tomorrow when I have some help and a moving truck.

Day 6 – Well how was I to know those boxes couldn’t hold 100lbs of books each? And yes I was the genius who decided to also pack the knives and forks in the same box so when the bottom blew out of it there was no safe place for your toes to hide. I was trying to save you multiple trips. You’re welcome.

Day 97 (or so it felt) – Why the hell did I bring all these serving dishes?? Where are these all going to go? 1. I have enough dishes here to feed appetizers to 30 people. 2. The maximum amount of people getting in this apartment at one time is 10. Go me.

Oh well… who needs a linen closet when you can have a pantry?