Odile (47 Montclair ) is the cutest restaurant. Bright and friendly, reminds me of home. It’s definitely relaxed so come in your work duds, jeans or anything else you feel like throwing on. But not yoga pants. If you aren’t coming to or from the gym, yoga pants are never appropriate – thought they do make your rear end look amazing.

So lovely I had to steal a shot of Claire’s Gazpacho.

I love the open design of the kitchen. In a small restaurant like Odile it helps fill the entire place with the wonderous smells that come from the first class food. However, that can make your decision in ordering that much more difficult.

The menu is small and changes frequently, reflecting seasonal ingredients as well as the changing inspirations of the kitchen.

It was one of the very few times I was happy to eat my veggies.

On the day I visited I had the most amazing chicken with grilled peaches and potatoes. So good in fact that I warned my lunch dates that I would be drinking the sauce that came with the chicken. They laughed a bit when I said it… then more when it happened, and more still when I spilled. Didn’t matter. That sauce was worth it, even as I sucked the last drop off my shirt.

Simple, honest and amazing food. Served by friendly staff in a cozy atmosphere. I heart you Odile.

5 out of 5.