I have a dream. I want to be an old Italian Nona… by the time I’m 29. I want to spend my days baking bread, making pasta, working in my garden and possibly chasing some bambinos around while I’m at it. It’s an idea I fell in love with when I was in Tuscany. It’s so romantic, a life that centres around food, family and home.

Then I pop back into reality and realize that I’m a single city girl with not a single Italian bone in my body (they are mostly British and Belgian, possibly) or the space for the sprawling garden I dream of. That doesn’t mean I can’t have my Italian moments.

Last week along with Chef Andrée from C’est Bon Cooking and friends we set out to turn 325lbs of roma tomatoes into preserved pasta sauce.

About 8 hours later it was done. And it was amazing.

It might not be Italy – but it was close enough for me. AND it crosses another ‘to-do’ off my bucket list for the year. Sweet.