Been back a week or so now. Guess it’s time to get to bloggin’ about my time in Thailand. What’s that you say? You had no idea I was gone. Humph. Well then. Guess I know when I’m missed.


I’d like to start this post off by saying that I didn’t run off to Thailand in some kind of horrible Eat, Pray, Love homage. I don’t even like that book. Or movie ( I really can’t stand Julia Roberts. I’ve tried). Though I do have a habit of taking off for long-ish periods of time after the ending of an important relationship in my life. This trip, however, was planned long before that. In fact, this trip was supposed to include elements of an anniversary celebration that would pass while returning home.

Even though some things don’t happen as planned, I was damned if that was going to stop me from a trip to Asia. Or any trip really. There aren’t too many places I wouldn’t want to see or eat my way through.

I’ve been told that the three places that will change your life food wise are Paris, New York and Bangkok. I’m not so sure about this. I don’t feel changed. I still have a love / fear relationship with Asian food. Will I like it? What is it exactly? In the end I always end up enjoying what I’m eating, but I can’t say I have a real level of comfort with Asian food. Perhaps I just don’t connect with it on an emotional level the way I do with Italian or French food.

But I will say this… the food was tasty (even if I had to just suck it up and try the mystery meat on a stick) and it was everywhere!

All you normally hear when you are talking about food in Thailand is the street food. Yes there are numerous carts and buggies with all kinds of noodle dishes, prepared fruits, meats and veggies – but after a little while you are looking for a place to sit and eat. Eating in a restaurant comes with a much heftier price tag (that same plate of Pad Thai will cost you less than $1 on the street vs $4 in a restaurant) but to me it was usually worth it.

Conversion – $1 Canadian is about 30 Thai Baht.

Western food is easy to find all over Thailand, and I’ll admit that sometimes (especially at breakfast time) all I wanted was something familiar. Bangkok is actually going through a bit of a burger fad right now with several new gourmet burger joints opening up over the past few months so hamburgers were easy enough to come by. Also french fries (or French Fried as most of the menus call them) are everywhere. I’ll also say that Thai ketchup (a thick tomato sauce they already have as part of their cuisine) is amazing.

The next few posts should help you to live vicariously through my travels… at least when I was eating!