You wouldn’t think making fancy drinks and getting tipsy in the afternoon would be such a difficult task. But apparently for me it can get a bit tricky.

At least this time I went out and got some proper mixology equipment. Some. But don’t fool yourself. I’m still failing in epic fashion. Luckily the drink recipes in this fantastic book can handle a foolish girl who makes do with what she has rather than running out to get the proper equipment, because damn it, she just wants a drink.

First up – Bee’s Knees, page 59. I love the idea of a honey and lemon based drink. Such a tasty idea! I have a new found love of gin – which I know is like saying “Know what’s great? Oxygen.” I’m a touch behind the times.

I found the lemon to honey ratio a touch off – I think I’d like to see .5oz of lemon juice rather than .75oz. It was tasty, just a touch bitter and overpowered the gin flavour.

Next up was a Gimlet, page 131 – which is basically the exact same drink but lime instead of lemon and lime cordial instead of honey. Same issue as the other, a little bitter and not enough gin flavour for me (but then again I really would use any excuse to put a little more gin in my cocktail).

This did not last long.

The final drink was a Mint Julep, page 181. To tell the truth, I only made this drink because I thought it was going to be dessert like and make me feel like a Canadian girl version of a Southern gentleman. I always picture a guy who looks like Colonel Sanders ordering one of these. I was half right.

It wasn’t dessert like in anyway, though refreshing and delightfully minty with a strong bourbon flavour – I DID feel like a bit of a Southern gentleman.

Sigh… I was hoping you wouldn’t notice. But it’s true. I only had fish shaped ice cubes…  Colonel Sanders would be so disappointed.

I love this book. It’s a great reference for cocktail making while being informative and funny. Wonderful addition to any foodie’s library. But I think it’s time to get back to cooking in this cook along book club! Next cook along book club post we’ll pick a new book. Until then, cheers!