Alrighty then… it’s time for the results of Monday’s poll. Thanks so much to everyone who voted! Like I said before, all three books will be cooked from – but the order was up to you. From each book I’m going to do 5 posts with two recipes a post. So pick up a copy of the books and cook along – let me know how the recipes turned out for you!

The first book will be Alice Watersโ€™ The Art of Simple Cooking.

Second will be The Art of Living According to Joe Beef

And third is Darina Allenโ€™s Forgotten Skills of Cooking.

The first two recipes will be:

Aioli, page 47 from her Starting from Scratch – Four Essential Sauces chapter
Roasted Vegetables, page 114 in Starting from Scratch – Into the Oven

Click to enlarge and truly enjoy my art.

Happy cooking!