A little while ago I got in “Wheat Belly” from the library. It’s the next in a line of books much like Food Rules and Forks over Knives – but this one is focusing on wheat… obviously.

It makes a few good points about what happened when they genetically modified wheat (much of it modified before there were any real safe guards or research in place – not that we really have those now… but I digress), about how much of it we are eating in our diets today and a lot of information about trials the author (a doctor) has done by having patient remove wheat from their diets.

I haven’t been feeling great about myself for the past little bit. A trip home to visit my parents (two of the very small amount of people I know who actually have scales) confirmed that I could stand to lose a pound or 25. Eventually I’d like to get back into the dating game and this just feels like something I should take care of first.

So… I decided to cut out wheat. And exercise more. By which I mean actually doing it on a regular basis.


It’s been three weeks.

I do feel better. I have no scale to actually say if anything has gotten better but my endurance and energy levels are up for sure.

I’m sleeping better. About a month ago I couldn’t sleep an entire night without the help of a little something.

If I slip up and decide to eat a bowl of cereal (actually it was half a mug of Cheerios because they are delicious and all my bowls were dirty), I feel like crap. Bloated and crampy. All in all a pretty good reason not to slip up – though Art-is-in’s potato dill bread still haunts my dreams with its deliciousness.

I don’t miss bread and wheat as much as I thought I would. I replaced my regular noodles with buckwheat noodles (which I’m told is alright) – so I still get my pasta fix. The only problem is that 99% of all convenience food is wheat based. So much for grabbing a little something to go. Thank goodness for take out sushi, cheese and nuts.

I’m eating more meat. That’s just laziness more than anything. But it seems that most of my vegetarian meals replaced meat with wheat. Go figure. But on average I would say I was eating something wheat based at every meal and possibly for snacks too.

I don’t get as starving hungry as I once did. I used to get what I call ‘Hangry’. Like you are so hungry you are getting angry because you are not eating right this second. I haven’t felt that in weeks. It also takes less to fill me up.

I can’t say for sure that the benefits I’m feeling so far are all from cutting out wheat – but I know some of them are for sure. One of the lovely ladies I work with is doing the same (minus the additional exercise) and she hasn’t had heart burn (which was an almost daily occurence for her) in almost 2 weeks.

Is cutting out / back on wheat for everyone. Hell no. Wheat is delicious. And I still plan to have a bit from time to time. But like meat, now I’ll only indulge on the good stuff. Sorry Kraft Dinner… I really will miss your weird powdered cheese.