In addition to being a foodie, I’m a pretty big geek. Ask anyone who has talked to me for 30 seconds or has witnessed the joy on my face when the bill comes at the Moonroom in a Star Trek paper back book (they would even hear a small squeal if it was a Mr. Spock-centric story).

This time of year there are many lists about foodie gifts to give, but here is a list for that awesome combination of foodie-geek.

1. Freeze dried Astronaut Ice Cream… because who doesn’t want to be a space man? astronaut_icecream

2. Magic in every bite… Warning – I don’t think I would actually eat this. But I always wondered what spam was made of. e5a7_canned_unicorn_meat

3. Now you can look like the coolest serial killer on the block while protecting yourself from ‘splatter’!  ea5a_dexter_apron 4. I think this one pretty much speaks for itself.


5. My Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock cookies just found their Spock component!!ed0a_star_trek_cookie_cutters

6. For those of us who have been told it is inappropriate to wear a cape – now your lunch box can do it for you!


7. Now that’s a chaser.  f098_pacman_shot_glass_4pack

8. I’ve wanted them to make a chocolate bar of Han in Carbonite since the ice cube tray with the same feature was introduced last year!


9. Coasters you’ll actually want to use… even if only so kids will ask you what the hell these things are.


10. And last but not least… an inflatable tentacle arm. This has nothing to do with anything but it makes me laugh when I think of the tens of minutes of fun I could have with this.


All available through Think Geek! What fun…