There are only a few days left of this year and let’s face it – the bucket list isn’t getting done. I don’t want to make excuses… but I cross my heart and promise that I will not get another divorce in 2013* (*any current ones started in 2012 do not count) – so that should free me up to get some stuff done!

So – that said. I felt like I made some headway through the bucket list and it’s a great jumping off for my next year’s list. But before moving forward – let’s do a year in review thingy.

I said I wanted to eat at 15 new restaurants from ‘The List’ – well I got 12:

– Courtyard Restaurant
– Zen Kitchen
– Pressed
– Absinthe Cafe
– The Table
– Ceylonta
– Moji
– Palais Imperial
– Brothers Beer Bistro
– Union 613
– Vittoria Trattoria
– The Urban Pear (still needs a review written!)

And I went to a few new additions to the Ottawa food scene that weren’t on the list. So… not too shabby.

I went to high tea, hosted a foodie get together and ate more than one very memorable dinners in this awesome city. I preserved tomato sauce, made things I was buying, used new ingredients and found a white wine I enjoy.

I even found Ottawa’s best beer! Though I think in the name of science I should probably taste test them all again.


And yeah… I got to do this. Not a bad year!

With that brings 2012 to a close. One of the worst – but somehow also the best – years of my life. The lows were low, but worth the lessons and discovery of an inner strength I didn’t know I had. They also set the stage for me to fully appreciate the amazing things and people when they come along.

But please 2013… give a girl a break.