Welcome 2013!!!

New Years is my favourite holiday. A time for new beginnings, good will and looking forward. It’s a time to reflect on what was and take the time to make plans on how to make the year to come even better than the one before.

make it so

Thanks for the great picture @nice_jewish_boy

With it comes resolutions and lists. Here’s another one – of all the foodie adventures I hope to have this year.

1. I still want to learn to cook offal – this is my year!

2. I want to spend an afternoon in 3 foodie neighbourhoods, that I don’t already know and love, in Ottawa and learn more about the shops, restaurants and food artisans that are there.

3. This year I’m going to up my food vocabulary – so every day I’ll post a new food term or definition on twitter and do a round up here on the blog.

4. Another left over from 2012 – I want to make my own dishes. Or dish. Let’s see how hard that is first.

5. In a step towards becoming that old Italian Grandmother I so long to be, I want to make my own pasta. I know, I know… I can’t believe I haven’t done that yet either.

What are your plans for the year ahead?!?!