As promised here are the Word A Day postings all in one handy dandy spot. I’ve been posting these on twitter, so if you want to see them as they come out – follow me there! My handle is @simplyfresh.

Culinary Word A Day

Jicama – pronounced ‘HIC-uh-muh’, a firm, sweet, turnip shaped root vegetable. Brown on the outside with white flesh.

Ice Milk – a sweet frozen dessert made like ice cream but using skim milk. Has less calories and less creamy texture

Ice milk and sorbet by flickr user Ulterior epicure

Ancho Chile – a dried poblano pepper with a mellow, sweet pepper flavour.

Muscat – a variety of several sweet grapes used for raisins and wine (Muscatel) and fruitcake

Kick Ass Internet Things To Spend Your Time On

The lovely FoodiePrints hunts down some of Ottawa’s best hot chocolate – here.

Someone amazing bought me these!

This has nothing to do with food – but made my day! And is another reason you should be following William Shatner on Twitter.