Another week over already?? Let’s get to the wrap up:

Culinary Word A Day

Spelt – a rare, primitive species of wheat with grains that do not thresh free from the chaff.

Vegetable oil – any number of liquid edible fats extracted from a plant or the seeds of a plant. Light in colour & taste.

Fondant – candy or icing made of creamy, thick sugar paste.

Demi-Glace – meaning ‘half glaze’ is mix of equal parts brown stock and beef based sauce that is reduced.

Aspic (Gelée) – a savory jelly made of fish or meat stock, used as a mold for meats and vegetables

Bitters – an alcoholic liquid distilled from plant extracts such as herbs, barks and roots.

Culinary – related to kitchen or cooking.Came into the English language in 1638.


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